Friday, 6 September 2013

It's on SUNDAY!!!!

Many thanks to our friends at The Nottingham Post for the article on Musters Road Open Gardens in the Monday edition of the paper.

Not so many thanks for printing that it's taking place on Saturday!

Please come to see us and our 15 beautiful gardens from 2 pm on SUNDAY 8 September.

Please don't come on Saturday because all you will find is several bedraggled and exhausted gardeners, frantically weeding and primping their gardens (and most definitely NOT hurriedly planting last minute dahlias in full flower, just purchased from the garden centre, in a pathetic attempt to bring some colour into their drought-ridden herbaceous borders).

See you SUNDAY!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Good Health Garden - 200 Musters Road

A hive of activity you can say; members of the West Bridgford Skills exchange, The Abundance Project Totally Locally and local residents have been dropping off apples for the apple pressing on Sunday,
lavender bags (with lavender donated by the nearby allotments) have been made a local coffee group.
Black berries and red currants appeared on the door step today, which are now bubbling away to make redcurrant jelly and blackberry cordial, cough syrups and totally locally fruity babies (as opposed to jelly babies)

Local artist Cara Holland designed a pictorial treasure hunt, to match 12 common  ailments with the remedies from the garden.  Come and find out what herb tea can help with your sore throat, stings and baldness.  

Thank you Kate for organizing the Open Gardens, so many people are looking forward to getting stuck in and raise funds for the Friary Drop In centre;